Thursday, April 12, 2007

Before His Eyes

Hi all,

I want to share with you all a very special layout that I did to Dear Husband and Dear Daughter. It has a special manning to me and I hope its message is clear enough.
After all that, do you have an idea how happy I was when I found out it's been chosen as a Layout Of The Day at Digitals?

Here it is. I hope you like it!

Pietra was climbing a wood wall at a Mazzaropi Hotel’s playground, closely followed by her daddy. I was standing behind the wall and all I could see at that moment was their eyes. I thought that vision could be a beautiful shot.
Journaling says: There are many things you are able to do just because he is there, closely looking after you.


Kit: Emotions by Monica Larsen at Digitals (The kit is GORGEOUS)
Template: Little Torns by Dea Spina at Digitals
Font: Microsoft Sans Serif; Aquiline Two

Here is the Layered Template Set I used to create the layout:

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