Friday, May 30, 2008

AD: New Hybrid Pages - Abby's Album by Cosmo Cricket

All Moms Are Unique Abby's Album
is a set of 10 beautiful Quick Pages made to fit the Cosmo Cricket Abby's Album. The pages are 300 dpi for great printing purposes.

This is the coordinating All Moms Are Unique collection available at Digitals:

450_MomsUniqueAO_PREVIEW.jpg 450_MomsUniqueClusters_PRE.jpg 450_MomsUniqueAlpha_PREVIE.jpg

Wondering what Hybrid Scrapbook is?
Hybrid combines traditional and digital elements on a scrapbooking page. That's right - mix traditional and digital scrapbook and you've got your hybrid project! Try it, you won't regret!

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