Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NEW Layered Templates Set at 25% off, today only!

How about changing your layouts look a little?
Here is an idea: cut your photos in pieces and glue them together again.
Forget the scissor and the glue, though, and let the computer take care of it.
With the help of these templates, you will get gorgeous results in minutes!

Reset Layered Templates


Reset Layered Templates
is a set of 4 templates that will help you easily produce customized scrapbook pages.
In order to achieve a special effect, shadows are included when necessary, but they are all set as individual layers.

This set includes:

Screen shot instructions for PS users and text instructions for PSP users;
Individual PNG files;
PSD files for PS and PSP users.

DIP USERS: Get your screen shot instructions on how to put your layered templates together using separated PNG files HERE.
And get your screen shot instructions on how to use those PNG+ layered templates HERE.
Please, click HERE if you want to see all my Layered Templates sets, available at the store.

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