Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All my kits are on SALE now!

All my kits are 33% off, May 20 - 23 only

Please Note: All the images are clickable and will take you straight to the product at the store.

A Spring Theme

Love To Love

Welcome Miracle

Fifth Season

Suddenly Santa


Autumn Falls

Scary Scary

Summer Pieces

Summery Tale

Like No Other

American Stars

Cupid Life

Snow In The Tropics

La Maison

Brownish Exorbitance

A Fantasy Tale

School Days Rule

A Persian Appeal

Somewhere To Be

Burnt Sienna Gleam

Celebrate In Pink Kit


A Place For A Girl

A Place For A Boy

Flower Whisper

Beyond Mystery

Nearly Spring

My Little Gentleman

A Fresh Start

An Answer From A Flower

After You

Our Rusty Stylish

To Love And Care

Those Evenings

Autumn Party - Fall version

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