Wednesday, September 13, 2006

First Day at School

Tribute to My Dad

This is Theo, my 4 DS. He is a sweet boy.
The first LO is about his first day at school. He just loves school. His first day, as well as everyday, was a great day for him. I didn't even cry because he was so happy!
I used Aida Large Kit here. The font is DeaSpina's Hands (not available).

The second LO is about this lovely moment I love: Theo and my DH at Theo's 3 birthday party.
I used my Arrow Layered Template and two of my kits:
Dad Tribute Mini Kit and Dad Tribute Paper Pack (not available anymore)

Hope you like them!

Here is the Template I used to create the page above:


myslewis said...

Helooooo Dea,
Great to see you blogging:-) I can just imagine your mixed empotions with your son going to school. How DARE he be happy LOL.

daNi aLeNCar said...

Déa, que show o design da página primeiro dia de aula.

Parabéns!!! Esse blog tá uma graça.