Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free products in exchange to your layouts!

How would you like to work with my Like No Other kit for free?
If you'd like to have it in exchange for your layout, post a comment here in this post (limited time offer).


I have decided to work with a different CT strategy and this is my first try.
This time I am doing a first-come first-served way. But I will use different approaches every time I need a layout from my products, so stay tuned! If you are interested in working with my products for free, don't miss my further posts. You may want to subscribe to my blog, if you haven't yet.

Before posting your intent to work with my products, please read your requirements as a Volunteer CT member and make sure you agree to all of them:

- You must upload your layout(s) using exclusively the product(s) you have received for free from me. You can use my templates if you own any of them. If the product I am featuring is a template, than you can use kits from any designer of your choice.
- You must complete at least one LO and post to galleries within 1 week of receiving the product.
- You must upload your layout(s) to Digitals gallery and at least two other galleries of your choice.
- You must share the layout(s) links with me, once you finish uploading your layout(s) to the galleries.
- You agree never to share or redistribute any portion of any kit that you are given.
- You agree to allow me to use your LO(s) for advertising purposes (e-mail ads, on my blog, Newsletters, etc.). For that matter, you must send me a 300 ppi, 12" x 12" copy of your layout(s).
- If for some reason you are unable to complete a layout, you agree to let me know so that we can work out other arrangements.
- As a general rule, I will screen all the applicants. One can apply as many times as desired.
- If you have a blog, please send me your link and I will add you to My Friends blog roll.

That is it for now.
Thanks for reading,


Emily Shaw said...

I've been interested in being part of a CT and this sounds like a great way to start! I like your kits and I'm sure I'd enjoy working with them!

scrapworking said...

Love to know more about how to apply! I'll check back in...what a great opportunity. Thanks!

Sherlylynn Piece said...

Who would not want to work with a beautiful kit like that, I am impressed and your rules are easy enough to follow. I am interested.

Sassy Pumpkins said...

I'm definitely insterested in your CT position and can easily meet the requirements that you've listed and I love your designs. I've only just set up my own blog, but would be happy to put a link for you on there. Thanks for considering me & please get in touch if you require more info from me.

Suz said...

Pick me, Pick me! LOL :) I would love to give back!
Suzee Q's Stuff

dorannmwin said...

Dea, you know how I love your stuff. I'd like to have the opportunity to work with you again.


Jennwhite said...

Dea, you have lovely stuff, and I'd love to help, but it looks like you got a good response! I'm keeping my eye on you though, you do wonderful work. Hopefully I can work with you some time in the future!

Julz said...

oh dea... what a fab opportunity!... I will def. be checking back! Oh and I adore this kit! I want to play.. I want to play! please please!

casey said...

What an unique way to select CT members - this will get you all types of designs preceptives that will show case your kit.

Lara said...

Awesome opportunity, thank you for that. I love your work. Can´t wait to play with the kit.

K2 Designs said...

Dea- if you still need help I would be happy to create a LO for you and post. Thank you.

Marcia said...

Dea, I love your designs and would love an opportunity like this. I realize that I am low man on the totem pole, but maybe another time you can use me.

Heather said...

I would love to give this a try and like the this idea of selecting CT members. It will certainly provide a variety of styles. I am up for the challenge should I get chosen some day.


DixieDoesPSP said...

Dea I would love to create a layout for your wonderful kit. Sounds like fun and challenge.