Thursday, June 26, 2008

I have a Volunteer CT for Like No Other kit!

Like stated on the previous post, this time I am going to use the first-come first-served method to pick a Volunteer CT member to work with Like No Other kit. The fist who posted is Emily Shaw.

Emily Shaw said...

And this is the time I replied by posting on Emily's blog.

Dea Spina said...
June 26, 2008 3:27 AM

Emily should contact me within a 24h period from my reply. If she doesn't, the very next lady who left a comment will get it.

Thank you all very much for your comments and for your interest. Keep coming back for more and next time you may be the one!



Jennwhite said...

OK, I'm officially hoping that ALL of you ladies are sitting on a beach without laptops or web-enabled cellphones!! For a WEEK!! So eventually Dea will get to me??? Heehee. Glad you got such a good response Dea!

Emily Shaw said... such luck! I'm home and responding! ;) Sorry JennWhite!

Emily Shaw said...

Also, I forgot to mention that the link on my name goes to my sister's blog (she's not always on top of things so she asked that I help her blog when we do things together). My link is

Julz said...

lol congrats to emily! you lucky little lady you!