Thursday, July 31, 2008

NEW Product (50% off today only)

Dea’s Gathering Pieces 1
by Dea Spina at Digitals
50% off, today only!

Dea's Gathering Pieces 1

Dea's Gathering Pieces 1 kit is packed with pieces from about 20 of my products available at the store for purchasing.
I've picked a palette and searched my stuff for matching papers and elements. Even thought my original purpose was to showcase my work for new customers, I ended up getting this adventure road where I had lots of fun putting all together, always keeping in mind it all should work great together. It turned out to be a complete kit and I am very pleased with the results.

None of the pieces included in this kit are brand new. Each one of the papers and elements can be found in my products available for purchasing before the release date of Dea’s Gathering Pieces 1. But even if you are one of my regular customers and decide to have this kit, you will be surprised by the new possibilities provided by my products.

All the elements in this kit are unique (no re-colored pieces).
The kit includes:

6 Backgrounds
1 Film Strip
2 Buttons
1 Buckle
3 Flowers
1 Bow
1 Fastener
1 Frame
1 Tag with string
1 Ribbon with Bow
1 Butterfly element
1 Stitching Swirl
1 Staple
1 Rickrack
1 Sequin Cluster
1 Notepaper
1 Paper Clip
1 Tag
1 Journaling Mat
1 Gem Swirl

The original products represented in this kit are: A Fantasy Tale, A Persian Appeal, A Place For A Boy, All Moms Are Unique Kit, American Stars, An Answer From A Flower, Arabian Deserts, Brownish Exorbitance, Burnt Sienna Gleam, Cupid Life, Dea's Handy Basics {Commercial Use Ok}, Dea's Overlay Set 13 {Comercial Use Ok}, Dea's Overlay Set 6 {Comercial Use Ok}, Elements Of Spring, From Me to You, La Maison, Like No Other, School Days Rule, Snow In The Tropics, Somewhere To Be.

A Fantasy Tale

A Fantasy Tale

A Fantasy Tale entire collection:

A Persian Appeal

A Persian Appeal entire collection:

A Place For A Boy

A Place For a Boy entire collection:

All Moms Are Unique Kit

All Moms Are Unique entire collection:

American Stars

American Stars entire collection:

An Answer From A Flower

Arabian Deserts

Brownish Exorbitance

Brownish Exorbitance entire collection:

Burnt Sienna Gleam

Burnt Sienna Gleam entire collection:

Cupid Life

Cupid Life entire collection:

Dea's Handy Basics {Commercial Use Ok}

Dea's Overlay Set 13 {Commercial Use Ok}

Dea's Overlay Set 6 {Commercial Use Ok}

Elements Of Spring

From Me to You

From Me To You entire collection:

La Maison

Like No Other

Like No Other entire collection:

School Days Rule

School Days Rule entire collection:

Snow In The Tropics

Somewhere To Be

Somewhere To Be
Somewhere To Be entire collection:

Thanks for the visit,
Dea Spina

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