Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Some of my Layered Templates Sets are 25% off, for a limited time.
If you have never tried them, don't miss this opportunity. I am sure you will be hooked!

Sets of 4 Layered Templates to help you easily produce customized scrapbook pages.
Each set includes:
Screen shot instructions and text instructions for PS and PSP users;
Individual PNG files;
PSD files for PS and PSP users.

DIP users: Get your screen shot instructions on how to put your layered templates together using separated PNG files HERE.
And get your screen shot instructions on how to use those PNG+ layered templates HERE.

Please, click on each image to see the product at the store or use the links right below these images.

Holidays Card Set Layered Templates

Big Photo Layered Templates

Block It All Layered Templates

Belongings Layered Templates

A History To Tell Layered Templates

Art On Canvas Layered Templates

Holidays Card Set Layered Templates

Celebration Layered Templates

Autumn Layered Templates

Circles & Squares Layered Templates

Beauty Layered Templates

Arrow Layered Template

I also have some products, Layered Templates included, at Digitals Clearance section. They are up to 70% off.

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